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Our mission is to bring excitement and adventure to people’s lives everyday, by giving them unprecedented access to a new world of inspirational products and connecting them directly with the creative and passionate people behind them!

Our Goal

The goal of PhatRice is to connect inspirational product developers with Inspired buyers all over the world, enabling these developers to make a sustainable positive impact in these three areas: social good, environmental good, and design creativity. We believe that everyone has the potential to do something good, if given a good opportunity. Our goal is to create that opportunity!

How it Works

PhatRice searches the world over to find product developers with powerful inspirational stories and products, then features and promotes their products on the platform. While it was nearly impossible before for developers to reach the inspired buyers around the world, PhatRice now brings everyone together on a fun and engaging platform. 

Phat: means cool, hot or trendy and Rice: is the most popular and fundamental sustenance for people all over the world. What if products could be cool, hot and trendy while also being made responsibly and providing sustenance for those who need it the most? We think it is completely possible! As designers, developers and communities come together like never before!

发米:  the first character 发 () means: to send out; to show (one's feeling); to issue; to develop, and the second character 米 () means rice, the kind that can be consumed for sustenance. We believe that each story that is sent out from the platform will be like sustenance for the human soul, inspiring creativity, new ideas, new products and new communities, with the ultimate goal of inspiring hope! 

Pha Pha



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