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KeepCup is on a mission to encourage the use of reusable cups and fight the trend of disposability. They do this by delivering stylish, sustainably produced coffee cups, striving to make a difference in how we think about convenience culture. Working toward this mission, KeepCup want cafes to lift reuse rates to 40% reusables in the to-go environment. Implicit in this objective is the knowledge that the brand in hand, and the message behind it, is the most effective way to drive reuse behaviour.


In 2014 KeepCup gave $40,000 USD to Coffee Kids to carry out their Strengthening Family Food Security project in Honduras. This program acts to support women and their families in Honduras, the poorest country in Central America. The program focused on 60 women in rural areas who, between them, care for over 200 people. These women have to play the role of caretaker and breadwinner, a challenging task given their limited resources.


KeepCup's donation created sixty small scale family vegetable gardens complete with drip irrigation systems to support these families. Over the course of the year, these women were then trained and mentored in garden management, irrigation, nutrition and planning. It is hoped that in the future the women will be able to sell extra produce to provide income for their families.


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