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Guitars and violins are made of wood – shouldn’t headphones be too? Produced with sustainable and reclaimed wood, headphones by LSTN make music sound natural, warmer, better. Best of all, LSTN customers share this excellent aural experience with disadvantaged communities all around the world: for every pair of headphones purchased, LSTN will donate a portion of that purchase to aid hearing loss victims who can’t afford recovery.

Working with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, LSTN gets hearing aids to people disabled by hearing loss. More than 300 million people around the world suffer this disability, but with donated electroacoustic devices and medical attention, children and adults can improve their chances at education and employment, and experience the empowerment of being able to hear once more.

The founders of LSTN are not only dedicated social entrepreneurs but expert designers too, with a background in music and fashion. Committed to style, function, social enterprise and environmental responsibility, headphones by LSTN look good, sound good and do good. Listen up.


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