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At PhatRice, we believe that being responsible is more than just making money legally. Being responsible for our actions on earth to ensure money, people and the planet all work together is fundamental to our vision. We are all in this world together; let’s make it a better one for all.


When sourcing the products for PhatRice, we consider all of the following criteria to ensure that everything we offer is having a positive impact on the world.


Fair Job Creation

All people deserve a living wage, one that allows for basic human needs and the ability to reasonably provide for their family. This is essential in preserving human dignity and ethical progress. We work with companies that are committed to their employees, both in their professional development and personal fulfilment. 


Supporting Women and Children

Women and children suffer most under conditions of societal injustice, poverty, environmental degradation, resource scarcity, and natural disasters. To help remedy this, we seek partners and brands who work to holistically improve the lives of women and children, worldwide.


Animals and Conservation

Climate change and loss of biodiversity are major threats to our future on this planet. We seek products that respect and give back to nature, as well as help protect animals and their habitats.


Waste Reduction

Our single use, disposable lifestyles are having a devastating impact on our immediate environment and ocean ecosystems. We are believers in innovations that reduce and reuse "waste," and  dream of a day when closed loop systems and the circular economy are the norm. Until then, we find inspiring innovators who are doing their part in turning rubbish into riches.


Natural Resources

Amongst our most precious possessions on earth are our water, air and fertile soil. As these life-giving resources become more scarce, we are finding the companies that are helping to improve air quality, promote sustainable agriculture, and protect and provide fresh water to those without access to it.


Human Health and Social Justice

In the developing world, access to adequate medical treatment and disease prevention remains out of reach for those who need it most. We work with brands that are working to bring education, resources and treatments to those people around the world who need it most.



Certifications are a helpful tool in ensuring that our partner companies are being run with the goal of sustainable growth, however, there are countless certs out there and some can be misleading. PhatRice checks the credibility and scope of the certifications that potential partners present and compare them to the company's claims.


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