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All profits go towards hearing aids for the elderly.
DJ Miss Yellow Limited Edition Headphones

Miss Yellow, easily the hottest DJ today in Asia is no stranger to headphones, but her Limited Edition headphones launching in August are something like we have never seen before. A stark departure from the usual beat-blasting headphones pounding the ears of most bus and subway riders these days, these headphones set a completely new standard for what it means to be a true audio lover. The beauty and authentic audio quality are what make the headphones outstanding, but the story behind this project is what will truly make you want to listen up.

DJ Miss Yellow 限量耳罩式耳機

Miss Yellow,無庸置疑的是亞洲最火辣的DJ,她對耳罩式耳機一點也不陌生,但她即將要在八月發行的耳機是我們從未看過的。以往的耳機總是會讓音樂的節拍轟炸在公車上與地鐵上的耳機使用者,而這組新的耳罩式耳機跳脫於原本的設計,替音樂愛好者設立一個新的標準。造就傑出的耳機是優美的音質和真實感,而產品背後的故事,更讓您想繼續聽下去。

  1. 1. Take a selfie of your own ear. It’s harder than it sounds!
  2. 2. Post to social media using the hashtag #canyouhearus and tag @phatricegoods
  3. 3. Challenge at least 3 friends by tagging them in your post.
  4. 4. Consider making your own donation to Po Leung Kuk using the form below!

  1. 1. 自拍你嘅耳仔。冇你諗得咁容易㗎
  2. 2. Post 上你嘅社交網絡平台,然後 hashtag #canyouhearus 同 tag @phatricegoods
  3. 3. Tag 至少 3 個朋友,挑戰佢哋一齊玩
  4. 4. 如果有興趣捐錢就撳下面粒掣啦!


Donations go directly towards high quality hearing aids for the elderly!

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Why are we taking pictures of our ears?

Each ear is completely unique, so sharing a picture of your own beautiful ear is the perfect way to celebrate the incredible gift of hearing and raise awareness about those who are currently living with hearing challenges. Hearing is an absolutely central part of our lives and existence, yet we spend almost no time thinking about the magic of sound. We spend even less time thinking about those who do not get to enjoy the beauty of sound.



Why the Elderly?

In 10 years Hong Kong’s elderly population has grown more than 26% and is only expected to increase with the aging ‘baby-boomer’ population, putting an incredible strain on resources for the elderly community. Over 13% of our Hong Kong community is made up of those aged 65 or older and research shows that about 25% of those aged 65-74 and half of those who are 75 and older struggle with disabling hearing loss.



Why Hearing Aids?

Most of the elderly, even those receiving some form of daily care actually still live at home, in most cases alone, leaving them highly vulnerable to a variety of safety issues. Care organizations like Po Leung Kuk go to great lengths to provide a community for the elderly where they can gather each day, but for those with hearing deficiencies, participation in this community is nearly impossible. Cheap hearing aids cause frequent feedback issues, which creates frustration for the elderly who attempt to use them. Our goal is to raise funds to provide individuals with good quality hearing aids so they can remain safe, and avoid being isolated from the community.


大部份嘅長者都住喺屋企,好大部分都係獨居老人,所以引申咗好多嘅安全問題出嚟。 好似保良局呢啲服務機構,已經出盡全力為長者提供可以一齊集會嘅團體。但係對於有聽力障礙嘅長者,參與呢啲集會就有啲難度。太平嘅助聽器通常會產生音頻反饋,用得都唔開心。所以,我哋嘅目標係籌集足夠資金,提供高質素嘅助聽器。使用者可以用得安全之餘,又唔會喺團體裏感到孤立。

What is our goal?

PhatRice is aiming to raise HK$50,000 through a special partnership with Po Leung Kuk, which will all be used to provide high quality hearing aids for the elderly in their care community who are struggling with hearing deficiencies. These small devices can transform the life of an elderly person, most of whom live at home by themselves. It will give them the ability to hear again, something that will help immensely, not only for safety reasons, but also for the ability to participate in the rest of the community activities.



Who is Po Leung Kuk?

Po Leung Kuk was first established in 1878 to provide shelter and protection for those who were at risk of human trafficking. As time moved on, the needs of the Hong Kong community changed, so now Po Leung Kuk has over 270 units in operation providing a wide array of high-quality social services including social welfare, education, culture and recreation, medical and integrated health services to meet community needs. To cater to the growing service needs from the increasing number of elderly citizens in Hong Kong, PLK began providing elderly services in the 1980’s and is now providing a wide variety of quality services including elderly community and neighborhood centres, home-based care services, elderly daycare centres, subvented and contract homes. At present, nearly 1,500 frail elderly persons are receiving PLK’s nursing care at residential homes, and nearly 14,000 elderly persons are members of PLK’s community centres and home-based care services. Po Leung Kuk’s mission is to ensure the elderly can live a healthy and enjoyable life, by providing them with a better living environment, respecting their individual needs and looking after them with utmost care and compassion. Find out more on the Po Leung Kuk website.


保良局於1978年成立,為人口販賣嘅受害者提供庇護及保護。隨著時間變化,香港社會需求亦有變化。依家保良局有超過270個單元,提供廣泛嘅社會服務嚟滿足社會嘅需求, 其中包括: 社會福利,教育,文化,娛樂,醫療及綜合衛生服務。 為咗滿足越來越多長者人數及長者嘅需要, 保良局從1980年開始提供各種優質長者服務, 包括長者社區中心, 居家服務, 長者日托中心, 資金資助及護老院舍。目前, 有近1500名長者喺住宅入面接受保良局嘅護理, 而大約有14000名長者係社區中心同居家養老嘅成員。 保良局嘅使命係確保每個長者可以有一個健康, 愉快嘅生活。以悉心嘅照顧, 為長者提供更好嘅生活環境,同時滿足佢哋嘅個人要求。

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