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Frequently Asked Questions

phatrice FAQs


1. How does work?

2. Who decides what products are sold on

3. How does PhatRice determine if a product is socially or environmentally responsible?

4. Why do some items ship directly from the seller?

5. Why are some items only available as a pre-order?

6. How do I sell my products on PhatRice?

7. How does PhatRice ship products?

8. How can I check on the status of my order?

9. How does PhatRice handle customer complaints?

10. What is the PhatRice return policy?


1. PhatRice is an e-commerce platform that finds, curates, features and sells products with truly inspirational stories behind them. There are three kinds of product sales that take place on the platform: 1) a direct sale in which PhatRice acts as a standard retailer both stocking and fulfilling orders; 2) a seller-direct transaction in which an item is listed by a product seller and ships directly from the seller, in which PhatRice receives only a listing commission; 3) a pre-order in which payment is given for a product before the item has actually been produced, in which case the product will ship only once it is available.

2. PhatRice has a team of outside designers, editors, and specialists who make up the “Product Genius Team.” This team has special access to potential products and in turn provides feedback and suggestions on which items to feature. The PhatRice team cumulates the feedback from the team and then selects the items to feature on the site. For individuals who demonstrate consistent engagement on the site, there will be an incentive system setup that could allow an individual to be eventually added to the exclusive Product Genius Team! Be excited!

3. For product developers who have achieved certificates from reputable agencies, PhatRice requires proof of these certificates as well as runs background checks to ensure authenticity. Additionally, PhatRice has developed a team of outside advisors who have unique expertice and credibility in the fields of Social and Environmental responsibility. This team reviews and assesses products and submissions to determine the authenticity of the claims made about the item. Products that do not fit at least one of the categories (Social, Environmental, Design) are not eligible to be featured on the site. In cases where product developers are discovered as dishonest or misleading about their claims, they will be immediately removed from the platform.

4. The primary goal of the PhatRice platform is to provide a space for inspired product developers to share their stories and their products. As such, PhatRice allows partners to manage their own product offering by adding additional items to their seller page as they develop them and seek to test customer response. When a customer purchases one of these items not held in PhatRice inventory, it will be shipped by the product seller directly to the customer. There will always be a notification to alert customers to this before an item is purchased.

5. PhatRice is excited to provide a way for product developers to build support for their product concepts right on the platform! This works by allowing concept items that have not yet been producted, to be featured on the site and ordered just like any other item, thus giving the product developer a chance to receive the funds they need in order to make the concept a reality! When the items are ready, they will be sent out to the purchasers as soon as possible. If there are not enough orders that come in for a given item, the project may need to be canceled, in which case all previous orders will receive their money back in the form of PhatRice store credits.

6. If you are a product developer, we would be delighted to hear from you! We believe that no idea or ambition is too crazy! Please contact us by email with a brief introduction to the items, along with supporting photos, videos or anything else that would be helpful for the Product Genius Team to review.

7. PhatRice currently ships all products from Hong Kong using Hong Kong Post, one of the those most efficient and reliable international postal services in the world. For orders shipping within Hong Kong, shipping is free! For orders shipping outside of Hong Kong there will be an additional shipping charge added to the order. This shipping charge is simply calculated based on the shipping destination and dimensions of the item(s) ordered.

8. Once you have successfully placed your order you will immediately receive an email notification with your order details. To check on the status of that order and shipment, please simply email us through our contact page including your order details, and our team would be happy to check on it for you! An international tracking number can be provided upon request.

9. Due to the international nature of the site and the need to handle customer queries from all over the world, we handle all of our communications via email. We have a passionate team who want to do their best to address every issue or concern that a customer might have, so please feel free to contact us any time.

10. For issues of customer preference, meaning size fitting or color matching, etc. all items shipped within Hong Kong can be exchanged or returned for no additional charge. In the case of a return, the customer will receive a store credit for the value of the purchase. For orders that are shipped outside of Hong Kong returns are not possible, so all sales are final. If you believe that an item has a quality issue, please contact us through our site making sure to include your order information and detailed description of the issue. If the issue is indeed confirmed as a quality problem, a replacement will be sent at no additional charge, or in the case where items are sold out, the customer will receive a store credit in the total amount of the order.

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