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Born in Portland, Oregon. Proudly made in China. The founders of Bambu come from a place that prides itself on local, homegrown, and eco-friendly values. They relocated to a place that's often criticized for its manufacturing processes, but thought to themselves, "How can we infuse the best of Portland with the native resources endemic to China?" Several years later, their small production and development team continues to design local products that they proudly share with the rest of the world.


Simply modern design: Why complicate a material that is both functional and beautiful? At the heart of the Bambu design process is an underlying philosophy to preserve the simplicity of a raw material while shaping it in a way that makes it classically modern.


Made at the source: Bambu consider themselves a local company. They source materials locally within China and work with local woodworkers, weavers and stitchers.


Handcrafted with care: The team prides itself on the quality of their products. The design and assembly processes result in safe and durable products that will last for years and can withstand the toughest use case: real life.


Sustainable: For the Bambu team, sustainability goes well beyond the balance between what they take from the earth and what is returned to it. It is treated as a philosophy that applies to how business is conducted. They make strides to further their commitment to 3rd-party certification and testing, promote fair labor practices and safe working conditions, and green their supply chain.


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