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Environment is at the core of bioserie's product and packaging development. Their principle is that the materials they use in production - including the coloring agents and additives, ink and window piece of the package - should all be derived from plants, to the highest extent possible with current technology.


This level of attention to detail requires extensive research and innovative thinking as the kind of materials needed to achieve such demanding products are in most cases cutting edge bioplastics and difficult to obtain. Therefore, most material blends developed for their bioplastic products are one of a kind and exclusive to bioserie. They do not contain oil derivatives, petrochemicals or toxic materials.


Bioserie products achieve three environmental goals:

1. Use of renewable materials
2. Use of materials with drastically reduced carbon emissions during production
3. Prevention of toxic pollution of the air, soil or water once the product is discarded


Bioserie strive to be pioneers in developing and marketing well-designed, functional and durable products that allow people to enjoy the fruits of technology in an environmentally responsible way.


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