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The goal of loudbasstard is to change the lives of not only those enjoying the products but also of those at the other end—the production team. In fact, community involvement is highlighted aiming to help improve the quality of life of locals through employment.


Instead of mass production, every step is done manually going through the hands of local craftsmen. Each product is hand-treated, hand-cut, hand-dyed, and hand-packaged by artisans in Cebu, Philippines.


The factory is located not more than five minutes away from their homes making it accessible. Women who are in charge of the rattan weaving can bring their work at home so as not to compromise their household duties.


In order to create a masterpiece, a good relationship should exist between the material and the hands working. Products are surely of high quality since the artisans and their ancestors have mastered the use of these raw materials.


Every loudbasstard product goes through the care of different hands making each piece a unique work of art. A portion of company profits are also donated to Note for Note, a non-profit providing instruments to dormant music education programs for elementary students in the Philippines.


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