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MKU Originals

MKU Originals is a Hong Kong based company. We are a creative and personalized design agency with our own clothing labels. Our sustainable Organic Bamboo and Organic Cotton limited edition t-shirts are so deliciously smooth you will want to wear them again and again. They're also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Basically, we care about the environment and the people who purchase and wear our T-shirts. We believe these two attributed should always go hand in hand when we create and manufacture our products.

Better For You!

  • Bamboo is dry, it absorbs and evaporates sweat very quickly
  • Bamboo is antibacterial because bacteria does not live well in this fabric
  • Bamboo has enhanced UV protection for your skin
  • Bamboo is allergenic, making it perfect for sensitive or allergy prone skin

Better for the Environment!

  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and requires no pesticides or fertilizers
  • Bamboo is cut, not uprooted, helping avoid soil erosion 
  • The yield per acre of bamboo is as much as 10 times greater than that of cotton
  • Water requirement is very minimal, relying almost entirely on rainwater to grow

MKU Originals

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Unit B, 23/F, 202 Des Voeux Rd. West,
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong