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Otis & Eleanor

As a company, Otis & Eleanor are committed to rediscovering a lost art - how to build things. It's something as a founding team they have spent a lot of time perfecting. Of course, what to make is just as important as how they make it - and that's the key to their business model.


Otis & Eleanor collaborate with independent fashion designers around the globe to design, produce and distribute products and projects. These designers get to see their brilliant work reach scale, and we get to enjoy their brilliance.


Independent Designer for the Bongo: Meghan Sebold from Afia

Like the O&E team, Meghan is a nomad, and a true inspiration them. Meghan's design background with Alfa highlights her  talent in merging traditional cultures with contemporary design. She also brings with her the business experience of founding a fairtrade enterprise working with Ghanaian artisans.

Otis & Eleanor

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