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Reveal make earth-friendly, luxury tech accessories, but their vision is bigger than that. They create their products using the 4R philosophy:


Reveal a sustainable way to design products.

Recycled and renewable materials are the way forward. Reveal explore design and manufacturing techniques that help the mobile generation to connect, with the least impact on the planet. Using nature’s renewable gifts of bamboo, cork and recycled fabrics made from post-consumer plastic bottles, Reveal creates beautiful, useful tech accessories.


Reveal the power of technology.

Travel gives us a better understanding of the world, its citizens, and the environments we co-exist in. Reveal embraces the power of technology which allows us to share our lives and experiences with each other, at the click of a button. They take sustainable materials and create stylish, earth-friendly accessories – for the mobile tech gadgets you never leave home without.


Reveal organizations that are making a difference.

Reveal understands the power of partnerships. They actively seek out inspiring organizations to work with, so they can bring you bigger initiatives that have a greater impact. Their artfully designed collections are inspired by and donate to non-profit organizations, such as IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and American Forests, which protect endangered animals and plant trees to revive damaged ecosystems.


Reveal the beauty in nature and world cultures.

Whether it’s an iPad or smartphone, nature gives us an abundance of beautiful materials that can protect it from the knocks and bumps of everyday life. As we all know, beauty found on this earth doesn’t stop at beaches, forests and mountains. Reveal are passionate about globetrotting the world and discovering new art and culture wherever they go. Thus, their products often draw inspiration from the beauty created by the human hands they encounter on their travels.


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