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The Base Project

Founded by entrepreneurial twin brothers, Chris and Doug Akin, The Base Project scours the globe, partnering with local artisans to design and produce locally-sourced, eco-friendly fashion at fair trade prices. These artisans learn invaluable communication, operations, finance and marketing skills that provide a means to improve their lives and their community. WEAR YOUR IMPACT.


Between the Kalahari Desert and the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean lies Namibia. Up North, nestled along Angola's border is the Kunene region. It is a portion of the country famous for its dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife, and rich cultural traditions. Often overlooked are the emergent humanitarian concerns in the area: rampant unemployment, limited access to education, the spread of HIV in an area with poor healthcare and frequent shortages of food and water.


The Base Project partners with two artisan cooperatives from two Kunene based tribes, Himba and Herero. In Kunene artisan entrepreneurs hand-carve bracelets as a means to support their family and community. Partnering with these artisans to design and produce their first line of up-cycled bracelets, The Base Project follows fair trade guidelines, providing the artisans additional income for school fees, health care, and food.


The collection of 14 hand-carved unisex bracelets are made of discarded plastic pipe, collected, hand-cut and carved by local artisans from Northern Namibia. The bracelets unique coloring is a combined result of organic sun exposure and the deep red ochre-tinted soil. The aesthetic is comparable to bone or horn, but no animals are harmed in the process. Inspiration for the designs come from the wildlife, landscape, and rich tribal history of the region.


The Base Project

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