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tonlé designs and makes comfortable, wearable clothes as original and beautiful as the people who make them. They adhere to principles of transparency, fairness, and waste reduction in everything they do. Check out their core principals below.



tonlé’s unwavering commitment to the environment can be seen in every aspect of production, particularly in their innovative zero-waste design process. Combing through literal tons of fabric cast aside by large manufacturers to find the highest quality remnant fabrics, tonlé create collections that incorporate even the smallest scraps of their own waste, leaving 0% waste, as compared to a typical factory, which can average up to 40%.



A huge disconnect has grown between people who make textiles and those who wear them. Business transparency breaks down these barriers, connecting you to the people behind your clothes, and builds a culture of communication where suppliers and production staff are not hidden, but celebrated as partners. tonlé employees earn well above the local minimum wage, and provided benefits and training. Instead of a traditional assembly line model, the workshops are organized in team structures, in which members work on different types of products to improve their skills and creativity.



Throwing the assembly line model to the wayside, the nature of tonlé’s sourcing and hand made production yields one of-a-kind, high quality pieces. The clothes tell a story of the beauty of Cambodia through fabric colors, textures and intricate screen-printed designs. The design team blends unique combinations of materials and textures to make pieces that are not only flattering and well made, but intriguingly beautiful. tonlé customers can be confident that no one in the world is wearing the exact same dress, because each piece is as unique as the person who made it.


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