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TRMTAB is more than a product: it exists to make small changes in factories. This upcycling initiative at Prachi Leathers, Kanpur, India is their first small change. They found that each production cycle generates over 4,000 pounds of waste that eventually ends up in the landfill. TRMTAB has partnered with the factory's craftsmen and women to repurpose the waste leather into beautiful leather goods.


TRMTAB creates upcycled, refined leather goods. Their collections are limited edition because they utilize leather scraps generated from a factory's production cycles. The leather scraps are trims that combine to create a unique blend of color shades, textures and grains giving each product within the collection its own personality.


The founders were inspired by their personal hero, systems theorist Buckminster Fuller. "Call me trimtab," he famously said referring to a tiny surface on the end of a ship rudder. With a little pressure, it can change the direction of the ship. An individual can be a trimtab by making small changes that lead to a big impact. Cassandra and Mansi decided to call the company TRMTAB as a reminder that we can all be trim tabs.


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