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9 Ways to an Eco-Friendly Addiction

Can't live without your fix of coffee and tea? No problem! Here are 9 tips to make sure that your drinking habit doesn't negatively impact the environment.

1. Support Your Local Brew

Shipping coffee beans around the world results in a very measurable carbon footprint, so when you do need coffee, try looking closer! Support the coffee and tea at your local stores, independent farms, cafés, and roasters can help generate more local jobs, as well as making your city, town and neighbourhood stronger!

2. Make Your Own

Making your own coffee and tea at home gives you the opportunity to choose where your beans and leaves come from. Drinking at home also means you will be using your own mug or thermos, which is of course reusable resulting in less waste. You can also customise your own drink with your favourable pairings and toppings, such as organic milk, lactose-free milks, organic brown sugar, organic cocoa powder and so on. The possibilities are endless!

3. Bring Your Own Cup

If you have to get your daily fix from a favourite coffee shop, get it poured in your own mug! Investing in a good reusable mug allows you to have a more pleasurable sip whilst helping reduce waste. If you added up the number of disposable cups you consumer in just a week or just a month you might be surprised how quickly that extra waste can build up!

These organic bamboo fibre cups are perfect for yourself and for gifting. Shop for the Ecoffee Cup styles available here.

4. Go Organic

Coffee and tea with organic certification supports environmental sustainability via organic practices and reducing the use of harmful toxic agrochemicals, pesticides and other chemical additives. Organic cultivation also allows coffee beans and tea leaves to mature in their own pace in order to create richer, denser flavours. Better for the environment and better for your health!

5. Support Fair Trade

Fair Trade is the system of buying and selling products in a way which the local producers and communities are involved in the production process whilst being paid a fair wage. Many fair trade coffee farmers carry out sustainable cultivation methods, which give you all the goodness from organic coffee as well. Fair trade coffee tries to eliminate all the expensive middle man costs by working directly with small bean farmers, so more money can go to their pockets instead of big corporates.

Winter is the best time for tea, especially good tea – shop for some really tasty organic fair trade tea here!

6. Ditch the Bags and Filters

Often tea bags are used for convenience purposes, but they are mostly unnecessary given that tea infusers can last a lifetime and save money in the long run. Although tea bags are supposed to be compostable, this claim is actually a dubious one. The trouble is that tea bags have polypropylene plastic mesh worked into the paper, which is added to help heat-seal the tea bags in production.

Of course, there are some high end stitched fabric tea bags that consist of no plastic at all, but we suggest to do your research well before making your purchase. If you don’t think it’s worth the hassle, go for the good ol’ loose tea so you can brew in a reusable metal tea strainer.

Similarly, avoid chlorine-bleached filters that are toxic and poisonous to fish and marine animals. Use reusable, unbleached and biodegradable filters instead, or even better - permanent coffee filters!

7. Milk and Sugar Matters Too

Personalise your own drink and pair your organic, fair trade coffee and tea with equally nice milk and sugar. Skip the chemicals- and hormones-packed milk and heavily bleached sugar from paper sachets. Try switching up your sugar with maple syrup, and your milk with soy, almond or even coconut milk for a refreshing kick.

8. Compost Your Grounds

Tea leaves and coffee grounds are rich in nutrients like nitrogen and powerful as fertilizer. Instead of using harsh chemical fertilizers, try using your nutrient rich coffee grounds to keep your garden healthy and organic.

9. Spread the Word!

If you care about our environment, get your friends and family into it as well! Start by gifting your loved ones awesome organic fair trade tea and ethical products this Christmas to show them how much you really care!



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