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Vidal Limited Edition Bracelets

The jewelry brand VIDAL was founded by Hong Kong singer and celebrity Jill Vidal. During moments of down time in her busy music career Jill discovered a passion for jewelry making and design. She began making her own earrings, necklaces and bracelets and then giving them to her friends and family as tokens of appreciation and love, but it was not long before her friends began to see the natural talent and passion, so they encouraged her to develop her own line.

It was at that time she reached out to Anthony Lance, co-founder of, a company that promotes and sells ethical and sustainable products. One of the featured jewelry brands on was a brand called Eden Ministry. Immediately Anthony suggested that Jill travel with him to visit their workshop to meet the girls there who had been rescued from sex work and given a new job in making jewelry. The experience was a very emotional one for Jill, seeing the shy smiles on the faces of so many young girls who had gone through such terrible abuses, yet were finding healing in a safe community, and gaining a fresh identity in their new profession.

Jill spent time getting to know the girls, even singing with them and then taking the chance to share her own story with them. Jill’s eyes began to tear up as she shared with them her own story of being rejected by society and feeling worthless only a short time ago, and it was perhaps in that moment that she first realizing that she shared something so similar with these girls: they were both looking for a second chance at life.

At that point it seemed inevitable that the project would take off, and indeed it did. The bracelet styles came together combining Jill’s fashion tastes to match the craftsmanship of the girls who would be making them. The result is a series of six bracelet styles with highly refined braided threads featuring red and blue Burmese sapphires set in 18k gold settings. Jill wanted to design something that was elegant enough to be worn with an evening gown, but also subtle enough to be worn with an everyday outfit as well. The results are absolutely stunning!

After much patience and perseverance Jill is finally getting her second chance at the music career, and with her jewelry line VIDAL, she aims to create second chances for the girls who are finding a new beginning in jewelry making.

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